Our Pastor and Wife

5CSuperintendent Roland P. Joyner Sr. is  been married to First Lady Celestine Joyner, they have been for 43 years and has two sons 38 and 41 of age. He has been part of the Churches of God in Christ for over 62 years. He was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia. He grew up, was saved and called to ministry in St. John Church Of God In Christ in Newport News, Virginia, under the late Bishop Samuel L. Green Jr. (General Board Member (Emeritus).

He has also served as a Superintendent under Bishop Carlos L. Moody Sr., (Germany). for the Colorado Jurisdiction, under Bishop Frank E. Johnson and as a National Adjutant. He has served as a Dean, Chief Adjutant, Chief Administrator, and Treasurer for the Colorado Jurisdiction, under Bishop Frank E. Johnson (Emeritus). In addition, he has served as Superintendent, Chief Adjutant, and Jurisdictional Secretary under Bishop Harvey L. Lewis Sr. in Rhode Island. He now serves with Bishop Roosevelt Dunn (JOC) Jurisdiction of Colorado as a District Superintendent and serves on the Resolution Committee for our National Church since 2013.

 Superintendent Joyner has been a member of the (SCMU) Southern Colorado Ministerial Union for 23 years, where he now serves in the office of  Secretary. He has also served in his community as a police chaplain for the city of Colorado Springs.

He holds Associates in general education from Colorado Christian University, a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management in Christian Leadership, a Bachelor in Religious Education from the United Theological Seminary and Bible College and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Management and Change from Colorado Technical University. In addition, he has acquired his license as a residential Appraiser for the state of Colorado. He has a great desire to serve in the kingdom of God be serving people.